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Bio-Light Facial

Bio-Light Facial Treatment

With the usage of LED light therapy, this treatment is a safe and non-thermal way to achieve glowing and radiant looking complexion. With a multiple coloured light delivered through the LED, this treatment focused on increasing the skin’s cellular function, improving skin elasticity, minimising acne breakouts, reducing the appearances of fine lines and encouraging natural cell renewal.

Red Light – Helps to increase new healthy cell, triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating collagen production

Blue Light – Diminish skin redness, soothe, drains impurities and detoxifies the skin. It nourishes and rebalance skin complexion

Yellow Light – Lighten skin pigmentation and scar, improves acne prone skin, and improves uneven skin tone

Suitable For:

  • Matured / Aging Skin (Red Light)
  • Oily / Combination Skin (Blue Light)
  • Pigmentation / Dull Skin (Yellow Light)