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Body Treatment

Signature Body Massage @ $51.36 w/GST

Invigorate and de-stress yourself with our Signature Body Massage to relieve your muscle aches and tension, alleviate fatigues and promote blood circulation; leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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“FENG” Massage Therapy @ $62.06 w/GST

The 3R Experience - Relaxing, Refreshing and Rejuvenating
Combined with the usage of a uniquely-formulated paste, blood and lymphatic circulation are improved, water retention is reduced and the body’s immunity is stronger. Generating heat when applied on the body, the spice paste also works deep to expel wind from the body, improves conditions of cold hand and feet, and warms the whole body.

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Jamu Royale Massage @ $72.76 w/GST

Jamu Royale is a rich, soothing & energizing experience. The unique form of therapy utilizes the use of Traditional Jamu Herbal Oil to invigorate & energize the body. This massage elevates the body into a higher state of relaxation & helps to dissolve away all the tensions & aches inflicted by our daily lives.

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