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Signature Body Massage

Invigorate and de-stress yourself with our Signature Body Massage to relieve your muscle aches and tension, alleviate fatigues and promote blood circulation; leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is originated in the Hawaiian Islands and often described as a healing therapy. A hot stone massage involves the use of heated stones placed on key areas of the body. It is effective to manipulate various muscle groups which dismantles the transmission of stress, improves circulation and stimulates the detoxification.

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Healing Light Therapy

The healing light therapy provides heat and light energy. They are transmitted through the porcelain-made equipment, allowing the energy to penetrate through tissues, reaching deep into various parts of the body. A safe and effective physical therapy widely used in clinical medicine and daily healthcare, the treatment allows the tissues and cells in the body to function at its finest condition. The therapy is also complemented by essential massage oil.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a specifically designed massage technique that help to relax muscles, improve circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

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