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Feng Therapy

Combined with the usage of a uniquely-formulated paste, blood and lymphatic circulation are improved, water retention is reduced and the body’s immunity is stronger. Generating heat when applied on the body, the spice paste also works deep to expel wind from the body, improves conditions of cold hand and feet, and warms the whole body.

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Ginger Renewal

Ginger Renewal is one of our signature Body Therapy which emphasizes the use of a blend of three essential oils, fresh and minced ginger to improve overall well-being, incorporating the use of Ginger with its anti-inflammatory and skin protection properties, it is widely used in spa therapy as it is well-known in its medicinal use, to improve skin structure and also aid in skin healing.

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Jamu Royale

Jamu massage is proven to be an effective way to improve the overall female health, function, and vitality. Jamu massage also helps to reduce water retention, which makes you look less bloated! Of course, if you are worried about missing the boat by being ill, Jamu massage helps to improve your immune system and detoxification too.

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Wellness Bamboo Therapy

A truly revitalizing therapy for the soul and psyche. Wellness bamboo therapy involves specialised techniques of sliding bamboo cane over muscles with rolling wrist movements. The movements is performed with varying pressure to allow surface to drain the body of toxins, micro and macro nodules disappear, cellulite is reduced and the pressure movements simultaneously tone and relax the muscles.

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Triple Energising Therapy

Specially designed for the modern day busy women in mind, the Triple Energizing Therapy is a complete healing experience that combines 3 unique therapeutic treatments to refresh, revitalize and re-energize you in the preparation for the next day. The unique combination of acupressure point massage, back and shoulder rubbing and kneading techniques, and Ruo Shi foot massage helps to relax your body and mind, and enhances the natural functioning of organs in your body.

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Ocean Wellness Therapy

Ocean Wellness Therapy is specially designed to calm, soothe and balance individual to bring energy back into harmony. Incorporating sea salt into this therapeutic treatment, its rich mineral allows our body to glow and rejuvenate within. Complementing this therapy with the use of essential oil, customized massage technique and relaxing steam bath, your ocean experience will be completed to revive your mood and make you feel relax.

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