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Face Treatment

Customised Facial @ $29.96 w/GST

Just like how individuals have their unique traits, so do our skin!
As our first time customer, let us understand your skin type and we will customise a facial treatment best suit your needs.

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Snow White Radiance @ $62.06 w/GST

Reveal an Ultimate Pure White Skin
The unique components found in the lactic acid is very effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkles. Age-spots and hyper-pigmentation. It also enhances the skin texture and stimulates the production of collagen within the skin cells. A highly recommended anti-ageing, brightening and skin softening facial that will keep you rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Oxygen Infusion Facial @ $72.76 w/GST

Flaunt a healthier and youthful radiant skin today!
Are you suffering from dull, uneven tone or oily skin? Experience the wonder of our top selling Oxygen Facial and witness instant result after just one session! This treatment consists of a series of techniques that helps the skin retain moisture, allowing minerals and oxygen to penetrate deep into skin, layer by layer.

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Porcelain Skin Revival @ $136.96 w/GST

The Ultimate Solution for Clearer and Fairer Skin.
This intensive treatment contains firming serum where the ingredient is from ginger extract. It promotes blood circulation and purifies the skin.

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