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Hydro Glow

Dull complexion no more with the Hydro Glow Facial treatment! Get your skin hydrated and brightened by the refreshing treatment that removes impurities, creating a beautiful glow on your complexion.

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Rose Dew

The Rose Dew formula in this treatment helps to moisturise your skin, leaving it smooth and silky to the touch, as well as exuding a healthy shade of pink on your complexion.

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Dermal Pearl

The Dermal Pearl Facial treatment hydrates the skin, which reduces the risk of skin breakout due to dehydrated skin. The meticulous procedure also helps to remove impurities from your skin, making it look healthier and brighter. Be amazed at how the Dermal Pearl Mask create a lustrous and smooth sensation on your complexion!

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Oxygen Infusion Treatment

As a innovator, Body Wellness has infused a series of improvised techniques to the creation of Oxygen Infusion Facial in order to increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Boosting the oxygen level to 99%, it enable skin to retain the moisture level and allow essential minerals and oxygen to propelled deep into the skin, pore by pore.

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