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1) Does all the promotion prices have any other hidden costs?

The price published is inclusive of GST and with no other hidden cost unless you request for additional services or products. Our therapists will advise you based on your skin condition should you require special treatment on top of the trial treatment, but the option to upgrade is entirely at your discretion.

2) Will there be visible results after one Facial treatment session?

The after results varies depending on individual skin condition. However, we always believe in the motto: ‘Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment. Not A Miracle’ Hence, facials are not a miracle in an hour but they do give you a fresh start to a healthier and balanced complexion. Regular facials will help you maintain a glowing and radiant skin!

3) I have skin allergies and health issues. Am I suitable to undergo any face or body treatments with Body Wellness?

You will be required to fill up a declaration form to state your current skin and health conditions. If we feel that you are not up for the treatment(s), we will not proceed with any treatment request. Body Wellness will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damaged which may arise under the circumstances that the treatment programme undergone is insisted by the customer against the acknowledgement and advice of a consultant according to the customer’s condition.

4) I am looking for a specific type of facial treatment to treat my problem. However, I do not know if any of the treatments on your website will suit my condition.

Let us understand your skin type and we will customise a facial treatment best suit your needs. Call any one of our outlet and arrange for a skin analysis consultation at 6737 1577 (Somerset) or 6323 1511 (Tanjong Pagar).

5) How can I maintain professional skincare results at home on a daily basis?

Body Wellness offers a wide range of Innovelle skincare products available for purchase. Not sure which product is right for you? Check with our consultant to test the product that suit your skincare needs.

6) Are your facial treatment suitable for men?

Yes, we do provide facial service for men however it is only available at our subsidiary brand, Royal Secrets Beauty Indulgence outlet. We are aware that there are major structural differences between male and female skin, therefore we will make the necessary adjustments to cater to these differences in men’s’ skincare. Call our outlet at 6323 4249 (Tanjong Pagar) for a skin analysis consultation.