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Charmaine Lau says:

I have been a happy customer of Body Wellness for more than 10 years. I enjoyed the facial sessions and great customer service all these while. Received valuable advice and recommendations regarding my skin condition which improved over the years!

Eileen Tan says:

On my every visit to Body Wellness, I am very well-received from the front desk staff and consultants. My body therapist always does the best treatment targeting the right points and provides me with good advice for self-care.

Susan Kateri Tan says:

I have been a loyal customer for 16 years and I always can't wait to go back for more! Body Wellness produces trusted skin care products and services with experienced therapists.

Staff are very passionate and friendly especially with the front desk staff who always greet you by your name that gives me a warmth feeling. I enjoyed the hot and fresh ginger tea being served before and after treatment. A big 'thumbs up' to Body Wellness!

Sharon Yap says:

I have enjoyed being a customer of Body Wellness for more than 14 years! I want to express my appreciation to body therapist, Chilli who has been attending to me for several years. I feel rejuvenated all the time after every session!

Viviene Choong says:

My body therapist, Ice was great and the treatment process really warmed up my body. All the front desk staff are always friendly and helpful with my needs.